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// Political affairs and their aftermath//

In the wake of Gen. Petraeus and the Paula Broadwell affair, how badly does it really effect the credibility of the cheating spouse? 

Gen. Allen’s nomination to commander of U.S. European Command and Supreme Allied Commander Europe because of speculation of an extramarital affair with a married one.

Some people in government roles are concerned with national security and also the credibility of the person in power who commits the affair.  Other foreign leaders are not concerned with the personal lives of American leaders.

" “If this is a crime, it is personal. It may involve some senior NATO officials, but it has nothing to do with the thousands of American troops here,” said Gen. Syed Maluk, a senior Afghan army commander in Helmand province. “If you burn the Koran or insult our prophet, that can affect us. But if there is any betrayal here, it is only to someone’s wife, not to all American forces.” " — The Washington Post

// The Starving Artist//

This story would focus on the arts of today.

  • How do artists, art museums and other venues of today survive?
  • Are there enough artists in public today or is the demand for art struggling to keep things fresh?
  • Do artists make enough money off their work to survive these times of economic hardships?

This feature could follow a painter, photographer, sculptor, classical musician (like in an opera or orchestra), and a graphic designer or computer art graduate.

What kinds of side jobs do these people have in order to make ends meet for day to day life?

When do they find time to work on their crafts?

What was life like before the fall of the economy and the latest depression?

// Who is on welfare?//

This feature would delve into the specifics on who exactly is on welfare these days.

  • When did they begin using welfare benefits?
  • What are their plans for the next 12-60 months?
  • Did they ever believe they would be using welfare benefits?
  • Is success possible after being on welfare?
  • Are they ashamed of it?

With all the political talks about people being on welfare and 47 million households receiving food stamps, I believe it deserves to be researched more thoroughly so we can put a face on those who belong to the 47%.

// Offensive politics & the response//

Do people take offense to the things they see and hear from politicians?

  • Investigate political audiences and report their feelings
  • Are those who are offended too sensitive?

Where do the politicians get their material?

// Mitt Romney attaches gun violence with single parent households//

During the second presidential debate, Mitt Romney answered an audience member’s question on gun violence with the sentiment that having more married parents would solve the problem.  

Research marriage studies and the history of gun violence and mass murders.

  • Were the murderers from single-parent households or not? 
  • What are the correlations between the murderers in these mass events?
  • Why do politicians continue to attack unmarried households in order to push their agendas?
  • What are the percentages of unmarried to married American households at this time?

Get lost

This reminds me of something an old professor would love.


Get lost

This reminds me of something an old professor would love.

// Politicians who lack transparency//

This article would focus on the different measures politicians take to ensure the media and other citizens are not able to know what their true practices are until it’s too late.

// Koch Brothers, other CEOs use ‘voter intimidation’ measures to influence employees//

Look into the manner of CEOs using letters to their employees ‘informing’ them of the risks of what the consequences of certain candidates being elected into office may be.

Research the Koch brothers and the Florida CEO who mailed a similar letter to his employees informing them of the risks of another Obama term.

  • What is voter intimidation?  
  • Are these letters a type of threat?
  • The effects of these letters and the impression it leaves on the employees and families of these employees (if they have families).
  • Will the CEOs really hire more people and continue to employ those already employed if their desired candidate is voted into office?
  • Are their means of passing along information to their employees legal?
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